About the restaurant

We are a restaurant with an Italian heart, Italian hospitality, which consistently pays attention to create original Italian recipes.

Our food will provide you with the lightness of Italian dishes, the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and a piece of the temperament given by our chefs.

The wines from our own 16 wineries will awaken in you the desire to penetrate into their secrets, into the diversity of tastes and the tradition of each historical winery.

And when you leave, we will persuade you to take home a piece of our restaurant’s soul in a small package of delicacies, which will be your pleasure when  you reopen the gate to our place.

We will want to know and entertain you, because we are very happy with each visit, and we will show you our utmost hospitality, in the best way we know.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Because ….„we ARE Italy“

Grazie Mille !