About us

Being Italy´s nr 1 wine producer, Gruppo Italiano Vini has a peculiarity that makes it unique in the international wine scene: having been able to combine the virtues of a small structure with the advantages of a great society. Every winery that makes up the universe of the Group, follows the various stages of the production chain with meticulous care: the cultivation of vineyards, harvesting, winemaking, refining and bottling. The Group’s patrimony is made up of 15 historic wineries, with well-known brands present all over the world, located in the most prestigious wine-growing areas of Italy. The cultivation of the most prized vines to obtain the best grapes, harvesting, vinification and aging are always followed by the attentive and professional gaze of the agronomist, oenologist and cellar manager.

UnoDueTre is bringing our wineries even closer to our valued customers.

UnoDueTre – Vino, Cucina, caffè Prague is our italian restaurant, shop and winebar. We offer our customers the best of our cellars, Italian cuisine with fresh products every day, Italian coffee and a shop with Italian delicacies, which can be enjoyed on the spot or to be taken away. The Italian-Czech team offers you the best in a pleasant modern Italian interior to give you a complete feeling of “la vita italiana” .

Yours truly,

Peter Dorny, General Manager-Jednatel